You can never have too many friends. They’re always there when you need them–to talk to, to give advice, to make you laugh, they’re just a phone call away. It’s no surprise that, with every interaction, we grow healthier mentally and physically. Strong social connections are essential to your well-being, and as much as they help, poor social connectedness can also promote poor health wellness. Make sure your social connections are healthy and beneficial to your life, if they are not, consider distancing yourself or possibly cutting ties. Remember, no relationship is worth deteriorating your mental or physical health.

Much has changed throughout the pandemic. Many people have moved, whether it’s back home, away from your area or they have isolated themselves. Unfortunately, it’s made us lose a few friends. So, why not get out there and make more?

As the years pass and we get older, it becomes more difficult to make friends. Work and family responsibilities begin to take over, and maybe you think you don’t have enough time to create and nourish friendships. Thankfully, there are countless ways to get out there and start socializing without compromising too much of your time. Look at your hobbies and any interests you have. Invite a friend or branch out and meet those who have similar interests as you. If you’re taking a fitness class, go to class a few minutes early and chat to any teachers or classmates. You might find yourself enjoying fitness classes even more.

Although some of these strategies won’t guarantee meaningful connections, it’s definitely worth a shot. Soon enough you’re bound to make new friends who you can always count on and you will grow healthier mentally and physically. If you have any concerns about your happiness levels or you’re not feeling like yourself, reach out to us at (213) 385-9912 or schedule an appointment. We’ll always be here for you!

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