The winter holidays are a wonderful time of year. We make memories with friends and family, celebrate traditions, and enjoy good food and fun. But it’s also a time of traveling, busy schedules, spending money, and disruption of routines. At times, the holidays can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. These tips can help you maintain your physical and mental health during the festive seasons.

Get Good Sleep

Getting enough quality sleep is beneficial for many reasons, like improving your mood and giving you enough energy for all the additional holiday activities. Plus, being well-rested can help you make better food decisions. Cravings for sugar and simple carbohydrates can be amplified by lack of sleep, so if you’re not getting a good night’s snooze, those cookies and bread will look a lot more appetizing.

Move Your Body

Traveling, visiting friends and family, or extra activities might mean that your regular workout routine is taking a hiatus. That’s okay, and even if you aren’t a frequent exerciser, you can still get in some movement during this time of year. You can go for a walk with a family member to look at Christmas decorations in the neighborhood or do some stretching on the floor while watching a holiday movie.

Daily Supplements

If you regularly take vitamins and health supplements, maintain your routine with them as best you can. During this time of year, supplements like a probiotic for digestive health and a multivitamin for general nutrients can be particularly helpful. You might also consider CBD to help with anxiety, sleep, and relaxation.

Add More Vegetables

While rich and sugary holiday food can be tasty, they can often make you feel less than your best. After indulging in treats, you may get stomach pains or feel uncomfortably bloated. To stay as healthy as you can and enjoy this time as much as possible, add more veggies to your plate. Holiday side dishes like brussels sprouts, salads, crudités, and sweet potatoes are filled with good-for-you nutrients that can make you feel energized and satisfied.

Limit Alcohol (and Increase Water!)

Big parties, late nights, and stressful situations can all lead to over-indulging in alcohol. Try to set yourself a limit for boozy drinks before you get to an event, and stick to it. Also, remember to hydrate with plenty of water. Salty and sugary foods can make you feel dehydrated, and water will also, help you digest more efficiently. Keep these tips in mind this holiday season. Along with some mindfulness, they can help you celebrate in a way that is as enjoyable and healthy as possible.


From all of us at Dr. Guzman’s office,
Happy Holidays!

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