We’re sure you’ve volunteered or donated at some point in your life. Whether it was for school credits or something you did on your own, let’s take a look back at how it made you feel. Were you happy that you went? Did it make you feel grateful for your situation? 

Turns out, volunteering and giving to your favorite charity are both associated with good health and longevity. Below we’ll share how these can be beneficial for all of us!

People who volunteer tend to have less illnesses, better overall health, a better lookout on life and lower mortality rate. 

Less Illnesses

Social capital is apparent in volunteering and donating. This describes the relationships and shared values that bring people together in communities. It continues to be more relevant as we age. During times of illness and stress, social capital provides support and may delay the onset of severe illness and death.

Better Health Overall

Mental health awareness is on the rise, and that is a good thing. People are becoming more aware of those around them and finding ways they can help. Suggesting a volunteer opportunity and giving back is a great way to boost one’s happiness. Even people who are going through a rough patch can benefit from volunteerism because it can improve your sense of well-being and lower rates of depression. 

Volunteering can also encourage physical activity which has both benefits for short and long-term health. Think about it; you typically schedule yourself to volunteer during hours you’re not busy throughout the day. Instead of spending time at home relaxing, watching tv and being within walking distance of your pantry, you’re out and about socializing and engaging in physical activity.

Better Lookout on Life

If you’ve heard of the warm glow, you’re probably familiar with the economic theory describing the emotional reward of giving to others. We tend to feel better when we volunteer, at least temporarily. Ironically, the opposite is true as well, not giving can lead to guilt and sadness.

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