Stress, stress, go away, and please don’t come back! We wish it was that easy. So many people deal with stress in their daily lives and unfortunately it’s not something we can completely get rid of. But, there are ways to reduce stress, which in turn may help ease your blood pressure if you see a spike.

Exercise, meditating and indulging in your favorite hobby are common and effective stress reducers. Get up and get your body moving! In addition to those, having a reliable support system made up of friends and relatives is another viable option. Think about it, do you leave your friends house feeling relieved and like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders? What about when you go home for the holidays and you’re surrounded by your favorite people?

But, what do you do if they’re not available or you’re not able to make a visit? Don’t worry, having your significant other present, even if it’s only in your mind, can keep your blood pressure controlled as well. The thought of your person can comfort and relax you, potentially stabilizing your blood pressure.

If you don’t have a significant other, the same goes for when you’re with or thinking about a pet, any pet. For example, dog owners can reap the health benefits because dogs can calm you down, hence why they’re service animals. And, they require walking or play time which can ease your mind and body, distracting you from what’s causing stress.

Regardless of if you have a significant other, pet, or the best support group, if you are experiencing higher blood pressure, please consult with us. We can develop a wellness plan to help. Book an appointment here or by calling us at (213) 385-9912.

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