Regardless if you love your job or not, let’s face it, work can take a toll on your mental health. The traffic going into work, deadlines, tech issues, unfortunately even co-workers, are part of people’s daily lives and can cause stress, anxiety and depression. These can all lead to a poor impact on work performance. We’re here to give you a few tips to help manage your mental health at work, and possibly anywhere else you feel a dip.

If you dislike your job altogether maybe it’s time for a job change. But if you are wanting to stay in your current position and you’re willing to give our tips a shot, check out what we recommend below:

Set Boundaries-If your job hours aren’t the traditional 9-5 workday, set hours/time limits for yourself on how early or late you’ll answer emails, texts or phone calls.

Talk to your Supervisor-If you notice you might be taking on more than you can handle, let your boss know. Staying in a stressful situation can deteriorate your mental health, plus most bosses are understanding and care more about you as a person.

Track Stressors-Not sure where to start on how to manage your mental health at work? Don’t worry, some of us aren’t sure what exactly makes us stressed out and uneasy, it just sort of, happens. Start tracking what situations make you feel anxious, sad or stressed out. Include thoughts, feelings, environments, settings and people involved. This can help narrow down to exactly what causes you to feel this way.

Learn to Relax-It’s easier said than done, and most people hate it when someone else says “relax” or “chill”, but learning how to relax your body and mind is key to success. Deep breathing exercises, going on walks, meditation or even watching a funny movie can help calm down your nervous system. Do what works best for you and the situation you’re in.

Take Time off from Work-Use your PTO time! We can’t say this enough, you’re given time off for a reason, and for the majority of people, that time doesn’t roll over to the next year. Nowadays, we live in a more understanding society, and you should always use all of your PTO time.

Over the years, the boundaries between work and personal life have become less and less. We see many blurred lines as people are diving into their own careers, becoming their own bosses and not working at your typical 9-5 job. If you’ve tried the tips mentioned above and would like more help feel free to reach out to us at (213) 385-9912 or schedule an appointment here.

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